Join the Maryland Naturopathic Doctors Association in creating a greater state of health!

Since first introducing a bill to license naturopathic doctors in 2011, a committed group of individuals has worked tirelessly to promote the practice of naturopathic medicine in Maryland, and we have even bigger plans for the coming years.

So far, we’ve achieved the following:
• Passed a naturopathic licensure law in a swift four years
• Held regular continuing education webinars on exciting topics
• Started an annual continuing education conference in 2015
• Renamed and rebranded our association
• Launched a new website

As the licensure law goes into effect in March of 2016, we will have our work cut out for us! This is both an exciting opportunity and a great challenge. On the one hand we have an opportunity to help the profession grow, but on the other, we still have education to do and legislative efforts to pursue.

Projects we will be pursuing include:
• A public education campaign including educational videos
• Efforts to bring scope of practice into alignment with our education
• Support for a planned school of naturopathic medicine in Maryland
• Ongoing continuing education opportunities
• Logistical and advisory support for legislative efforts in nearby states

All of this, of course, happens against the backdrop of our ongoing efforts to educate legislators about our work, to promote effective implementation of laws regulating our practice, and reduce barriers to the practice of high-quality naturopathic medicine here in the state.

Our goal is nothing less than to make Maryland a hub for naturopathic medicine in the Mid-Atlantic region. Maryland, long a leader in conventional medicine, has the opportunity to bring that into the future with naturopathic medicine. I hope you’ll join us in our work.

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